Jackson Tatge

Graphic Design Portfolio

UI/UX Design

This collection contains projects completed during an interaction design class at Michigan State University, completed using Figma and Adobe Illustrator.

The design process for these applications included a concept statement, user need statement, user and task flow, low and medium fidelity wireframing, mood boards, color palettes, and design systems, as well as the final prototype, mockup, and video.

Event Bingo

This Bingo application is designed for a ticket selling company (i.e. StubHub, SeatGeek, TicketMaster, etc.). There are an overwhelming number of sites in this market, so a Bingo feature which rewards the user would set a company apart from the competition. The idea is that, given a person’s location of residence, they are generated a Bingo board with different concert/stadium venues in the area. Once a line of the Bingo board is completed, the user is rewarded with a free ticket to a show/game in their immediate area. This would encourage ticket sales, and would grant users a reasonably priced reward.

Individual Screens

Pictured above are the 15 individual screens featured within the application. 

School Sync

Students often feel as though their personal needs are not met when it comes to the American Education System. Students need a method in which to clarify these needs to their teachers in order to be provided with ample accommodations. In relation to this, teachers need a method to be held accountable to providing these students with necessary individual resources. Not having access to these resources can lead to a reduced quality of education.

School Sync is a confidential messaging platform to allow students to express individual concerns and needs to their teachers. These messages ping an advisor, so that the messaged teacher is held accountable in both responding to, and accommodating for the students needs appropriately. This allows students to communicate effectively with both teachers and advisors. School Sync includes a peer communication feature, which allows students to discuss assignments, exchange notes, etc.

Many students often require individual accommodations when it comes to an in-class setting. However, teachers sometimes fail to meet each student’s needs. To resolve this issue, students and teachers need a communication platform overseen by an advisory professional (allowing for accountability from all avenues).

Individual Screens

Pictured above are the 28 individual screens featured within the application.