Jackson Tatge

Graphic Design Portfolio


This collection contains projects completed throughout Michigan State University’s typographic-focused courses.

“Cycle” Wordmark
This project began with a word brainstorming process which provided inspiration for the 40 different wordmark sketches. 4 of these sketches were chosen and refined (Sharp, Parachute, Cheeta, and Cycle). Cycle was refined further, and digitally rendered.

Sketched “Flagged” Typeface & Ligature Board

This project began with with 10 sketches of the word “nod,” each in a different original serif font. After selecting a control group, the typeface in its entirety was sketched out, making use of uppercase, lowercase, and numerals. Once the kinks of this typeface were worked out, this typeface was then the inspiration for 20 ligature sketches. Finally, one of the ligatures was refined and rendered digitally. 

“Redacted” Typeface

This project began by reshaping Baskerville typeface. The typeface was distorted with the goal of no longer resembling Baskerville whatsoever. The font then went through multiple revisions using ‘A’, ‘M’, and ‘S’ as “test” to determine rules and relationships for the typeface. These rules were then outlined, and the full uppercase typeface was constructed.

AAHD Alumni Collective 2023

The goal of this project was to create a cohesive spread (using Adobe InDesign) displaying questions and responses of an alumni interview, to be featured as a part of the yearly AAHD Alumni Collective. This project was reliant on the designers understanding of typography and layout choices.