Jackson Tatge

Graphic Design Portfolio


This collection contains photographic projects from a photography course at Michigan State University. 

Portrait Work

The above collections of portraits were taken with the intention of capturing the personality of the individual using environments pointing to their individual characteristics.

Edward Weston: Pepper

This project takes inspiration from the work of Edward Weston, specifically in his use of dramatic lighting and close-up, high definition shots of natural forms. I borrowed this technique, setting my lens to maximum or close-to-maximum aperture, shooting purely natural forms. More specifically, I drew inspiration from Weston’s “Pepper” photograph. Through this lense, I learned that anything can make a good photograph if framed well, lit well, and shot from intentionally interesting vantage points. The first set of photographs makes use of any natural form, whereas the second set is a more direct homage to Weston’s “Pepper.”