Jackson Tatge

Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Form

This collection contains projects completed throughout a variety of courses at Michigan State University intended to teach the fundamentals of Graphic Design.


This project began with 10 front and back sketches of cubes, making use of curve, shape, and line. 3 of these cubes were then chosen to be constructed in the from of 3x3’’ paper cubes. One of these cubes was chosen to be constructed digitally, and was continuously refined until the final version was complete. The goal of this project was to utilize 6 surfaces simultaneously, integrating multiple planes harmoniously, to consider the characteristics of the cube, and how to interact with it, to logically dissect the relationships created and controlled from side to side, and to work asymmetrically, striving for contrast and harmony on each side and within the whole.

Fox Icon

This project began with 30 thumbnail sketches of a fox. 5 of these sketches were chosen, enlarged, and refined. 2 of these sketches were chosen to be digitally rendered. Finally, the final version of the Icon was selected and refined again. The goal of this project was to use all the individual elements of form (point, line, curve, color, shape and space) simultaneously for the purpose of visual communication, and to continue to create harmony of form through repetition, progression, and formal logic.

“Consume” Poster Series

For this project, each designer was assigned a word. This word was to be mind-mapped, brainstormed, etc., to create a multitude of different sketches. Each sketch aimed to define the word “Consume” in it’s own manner. 3 of these sketches were then revamped in different fashions (vector art, collage, and large sketch/digital editing). Of these three, one style was selected, and the other two were remade to suggest that the three posters were a part of the same “series.” This produced the final designs pictured above.