Jackson Tatge

Graphic Design Portfolio

Cleaver Magazine

This collection contains an overview of the work completed during Jackson’s internship, as well as freelance work for Cleaver Magazine (Philadelphia’s International Literary Magazine). Jackson’s primary duties were/are as follows: Web design standardization via Wordpress, logo and icon design, typography, game design, video editing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, Cleaver Magazine was the focus of a full rebrand Jackson completed during Michigan State University’s Identity Design course (GD 466). All images used during this rebranding process are sourced from royalty-free image site pexels.com.


When Jackson first started working in May of 2023, he spent a large amount of time creating several different variations of both icons, and text-based logos. This portion of the internship involved the highest amount of revision. After 30 Icon iterations, 6 of these were refined, and presented. Jackson’s suggested icon of the six options was selected, refined further, and used in place of Cleaver Magazine’s previous icon. This icon is now used across the site as a favicon and as a profile picture for their various social media accounts. 


After several iterations, the above redesigned logo was suggested as a replacement for the current logo.

Icon & Logo Process Work

Pictured above are some examples of the process work for both the Cleaver Magazine icon and logo. 

Literary Thumbnail Images

For each literary piece published, Cleaver Magazine pairs the written work with a thumbnail image. This image appears directly before the written work, and is used to advertise the piece across social media. The above 4 thumbnail images were created by Jackson (matching the magazine’s aesthetic).

Rebranded Icons

In addition to this internship and freelance work, Cleaver Magazine was the focus of one of Jackson’s semester-long projects, centered around a full brand redesign. The icons presented above were examples of standardized buttons for use across Cleaver’s website and social media pages.

Rebranded Home Page

As a part of this rebrand, Jackson designed a mockup home page. Compared to Cleaver’s current website, this standardized home page has a consistent color palette, hierarchy, typographic choices, icons, and a proportionately sized layout. The site header also makes use of a rebranded icon and logo.

Example Social Media Posts

These example posts, modeled after the Twitter and Instagram formats, were yet another addition to this rebrand.


Intro and Transition Animations

Additionally to working in design, Jackson had also been tasked to work in video editing for Cleaver Magazine’s new YouTube page. For this reason, an intro and transition animation were created as a part of this in-class rebrand.


In addition to digital work, a physical product was also developed for the sake of this rebrand. Pictured above are two versions (front and back) of proposed metallic bookmarks.